Children are encouraged to develop as readers and writers, with enquiring minds, able to effectively verbalise their thoughts and opinions.
Our aim is for the children to be engaged in an early love of books. We want them to have a joy of and purpose for writing.

At Kings Caple we believe the phonics programme should be systematic, engaging and interactive. The children are encouraged to use their phonics skills across all the curriculum subjects.

Children are introduced to the joy and wonder of books and have daily phonics teaching which uses high quality systematic, synthetic phonics. The literacy journey continues throughout a child’s time at Kings Caple Primary Academy with an emphasis on a child’s unique ability to develop sound literacy skills which they leverage to become successful learners.

Speaking and Listening

  • Encourage all children to express their opinions, articulate feelings and respond appropriately to a range of situations
  • Enable pupils to participate in different groupings to present ideas with confidence, valuing the views of others


  • Teach phonics to appreciate the awareness of the link between sounds and letters (using ORT Floppy Phonics)
  • Give every child their own personal reading record and books to take home to read with parents and carers which challenge and engage pupils to develop their own love of learning
  • Provide a range of reading opportunities to help children to understand the choices of vocabulary and structures that authors use


  • Set high expectations that all our children will take pride in their work, having a fluent handwriting style (using PenPals handwriting scheme)
  • Provide inspiring activities to motivate children so that they see themselves as ‘writers’
  • Focus on the essential skills of grammar, punctuation and spelling alongside developing the powers of imagination and inventiveness

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