We believe maths should be fun, purposeful, engaging and a skill for life...

We are committed to a lively and engaging mathematics curriculum. Initially children are supported to develop a strong concept of number through discovery, practical application moving onto more formal methods as they build confidence and have shown a deeper understanding of maths concepts. 

By using a dialogic approach that develops children’s mathematical vocabulary allows every child to discuss and explain their reasoning to their problem solving ideas.


We encourage children to talk about their mathematical tasks in order to help foster a sense of engagement and curiosity in mathematical concepts. Children are encouraged to question, test and develop mathematical ideas and to reason clearly about their discoveries. Tasks and routines that promote discussion and ideas are incredibly useful in creating a reasoning and sense-making culture.

Maths games are useful for creating a context for developing use of mathematical reasoning and games and investigations are used often within lessons. Children really enjoy participating in talk maths activities and enjoy discussing and listening to other children’s answers and the different ways of finding an answer.

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