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School Council

Kings Caple Primary Academy Pupil Council

How we are elected?
First, we decided if we’d like to be a Pupil Councillor. Then, gave a short presentation to the class to show our strengths and abilities to be a Pupil Councillor. We were then voted for by our class mates.

What makes a good Pupil Councillor?
•  Cooperative
•  Good listener
•  Confident
•  Helpful
•  Share ideas

Our role as councillors
•  To have ideas to make our school better
•  To help promote the good practice in our school
•  To be a voice for the pupils
•  To support pupils that need it
•  Share pupils ideas with staff

Our plans
•  To continue to find ways to reduce bullying.
•  To have Road Safety projects and competitions.
•  To continue to promote the good work of our school.

What we’ve achieved this year?
•  Raised money through the Valentine Disco & cake sale to get new goal posts.
•  Made posters to advertise various events.