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Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web based platform that allows pupils to access their learning in school and at home from any mobile device. Our Google Classroom/GSuite Learning Platform has been set up using the DFE recommendations. All Google Classrooms will be monitored by the class teacher and senior management.

Why we using Google Classroom and who has access to it?

All pupils from Reception to Year 6 have Google Classroom logins.

Reception and Year 1 pupils have logins for access to their Google Classroom to access Google Meet only. This will be used for remote whole class assemblies with the class teacher or teaching assistant in the event of a bubble lockdown. Reception and Year 1 pupils/parents continue to receive messages and home learning activities via Tapestry.

All classes from Year 2 to Year 6 use Google Classroom to access weekly online Homework. In the event of a bubble lockdown, self-isolation or a National or Local Lockdown where the school is closed, Y2-Y6 pupils will be allocated tasks on Google Classroom. This means that your child or children can continue to access their learning from home. The learning will continue to be high quality and allows for learning to continue. They also use it in class for some lessons.

What are my child’s Google Classroom login details?

Children can access Google Classroom using the mobile apps (Android and iOS), or via a web browser by visiting They should sign in using their login that they have been given by their teacher.

Login details have been already been sent to parents via a variety of methods e.g. Tapestry, email and/or letters. Pupils will also have a copy of it on the Login card at school. In addition, pupils may have a copy of their Google classroom logins in their Reading Records/Diaries. They will have also been shown how to use it.

What do you see when you have logged into Google Classroom?

Once children have logged in, they will see the class overview page. From here they can see all of the classes they are registered with, a summary of any work due. Clicking on a class will open that Classroom.

Stream – is the class news feed where it will tell you everything that has been posted (work, messages and reminders).
Classwork – where pupils go to, to complete work. Click on the week and the piece of work needed to do and then press ‘turn in’
Google Meet – There is a Google Meet link in each Google Classroom set by the class teacher. The class teacher will notify the children when there will be a ‘live lesson’ via Video Conference. Pupils will click on the link at the set time to join the ‘live lesson’.

Online Safety

Please can you remind them to keep their password private. If you need a new password, please email the school.

Our HMFA Google Platform has been set up following the Government guidelines for education.

We are teaching Online Safety as part of our Computing lessons this term.

We expect parents to ensure that their children follow the Online Learning Guidelines for Pupils that the children will have signed after an explanation by the teacher.

Although many safety features have been enabled by our administrators, it is still the responsibility of parents to monitor what children are accessing online at home. We will continue to teach children the importance of being responsible digital citizens and accessing age appropriate material and we appreciate parents supporting this at home with their children.

What work will be set for my child?

Your child will be set work that they would be doing in class. In addition, Year 2 to Year 6 pupils will be given weekly Homework to complete.

When will work be available for my child?

As soon as you let the school know that you are self-isolating work will be uploaded for your child within 24 hours of letting us know. Work will be set daily.

How and when will work be marked?

We do not expect teachers to mark work outside of school hours (9-5pm).

Teachers may tick or make comments on work. They may also give a mark out of 100 for completed work.

Teachers may post the answers for questions on the following day for some tasks e.g. reading comprehensions.

What should be written in the Comment Box?

This box is for children to write a comment if they are struggling or have any questions about the work set.

If parents need to contact the class teacher, they should contact the school via school office.