Class 1 have started looking at a new text in English, ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’.  So far the children have considered some of the vocabulary in the text and the definition of some unfamiliar words.  

In mathematics we are learning about addition and subtraction and how we can find related facts from given number facts.  

In science the class are exploring everyday materials and sorting objects by what they are made of.  As a challenge, Year 2 have considered some everyday objects and researched where the material they are made from is found.  

In geography the class are looking at the local area and have used Google maps to label some aerial photographs of the area around the school.  

In computing we are looking at how algorithms are used to program and how they are linked to sets of instructions.  

In design technology the children have investigated how to best join fabrics by testing different methods from glue, staples, pins, and tapes.  The children have created poppy designs to display and show what they have learnt about Remembrance events.

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