Class 1 have had lots of fun creating lighthouse shortbread biscuits.  They have also made a large classroom lighthouse to use as part of their role play, creating different stories about the adventures of Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper.  The children wanted to then make their own small version of a lighthouse to use in their invented stories as part of our talk for writing.  In maths the class have looked at time and how we use language to talk about the sequence of events and how a calendar helps organise dates.  In science the children have planned some summer fun experiments to explore over the next few weeks and they started by testing out what happens to our heart rate with exercise and how we respond to hot weather.

In music the children have explored following beats and learning some songs with repetitive phrases.  The class also commented on their personal choices of music from a selection they listened to.  As part of RE we have considered how some people work in charities to help others and how to protect the natural world.  

The class have looked at the life of Grace Darling and how she is famous for saving the lives in a storm off the Longstone Lighthouse in 1838.  The children have located lighthouses that are still on the coast of Britain today as part of their geography.