The children have been working hard on their times tables and applying within their maths lesson. We have been focusing on being more efficient and the children have developed how to be smart enabling them to answer questions that seem tricky to begin with.


We have just completed our HOT task instructional piece of writing to great success. The children have really engaged with this exciting piece of writing. I look forward to them sharing these during our open the book session. We will now begin to look at some poetry and link it to Christmas – very exciting!


The children and I are extremely excited about our topic and have spent a long time keeping a close eye on what is happening in Iceland. The children are answering and asking wonderful questions related to volcanoes, tectonic plates and plate boundaries. It really has been a pleasure sharing all the information with them.

We have begun our DT project (thanks for the egg boxes) we will begin our design stage shorty which I’m sure will bring up some weird and wonderful designs. In PSHE we have begin our comparing differences module whereby we are sharing our own views and opinions and being mindful of others. During science we are investigating the effects of frictions and will next explore magnets. 

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