Light, Music and new Chrome Books…

Class 3 have been focusing on The Lighthouse to inspire our writing. We have recounted what we’ve watched, as well writing a description of the lighthouse keeper. We’ve also sketched our own lighthouses using our maths of translations and reflections to make them perfectly symmetrical. 

In Science we’ve been learning about ‘light’ where we’ve been experimenting with how light travels in straight lines. We’ve used mirrors and torches to learn about incidental and reflected rays.

We took part in the rounders tournament with the rest of the HMFA schools. We teamed up with St Weonards children to make a super team. The children demonstrated great teamwork with their new teammates. They made us extremely proud. 

In music we are learning the rap for Prince of Bel Air as well as teaming up some musical instruments to keep to the pulse of the rap.

We recently acquired a new set of chrome books for the school, which has allowed us to practice our touch typing skills in Computing. We’re proceeding through the levels quickly and becoming more familiar with the qwerty keyboard.

Class 3 got the opportunity to spend the morning at Lord Scudamore Primary School. We took a tour of the grounds and the school and met some of the staff and children at the school. It was very busy compared to Kings Caple!