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Admissions and Starting School

Starting School at Kings Caple Primary Academy

Parents wishing to register their child for this school may either telephone or visit. We do not hold specific ‘Open Days’ but encourage parents to contact the school to arrange a conducted tour of the school at parents convenience. Parents are requested to register their children for admission well in advance. School registration forms are available from school but the LEA deals with all admissions to primary schools.

This year parents of 3 year old’s due to commence Reception the following year can complete an application form from the Autumn before admission at:

Further information is available from the school admissions team on 01432 260926/261574 or 

Application Timetable

The application timetable begins with the online application processes opening in September of each year. Parents must then submit application forms by January and the national ‘offer’ day is in April each year.

Admissions Booklet

Full details of the application process are provided in Herefordshire Cuncils ‘Admission Booklet’ which can be accessed by clicking here:

The booklet contains information relating to catchment areas, definitions, class sizes, deferred entry, waiting lists and information concerning SEN and those children with disabilities.

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When should a child start school?

Children are entitled to start school in the September following their 4th birthday and must start their education by the beginning of the term after their 5th birthday. However, we encourage all children to start full time school in the September following their fourth birthday. This is to ensure they have a full three terms in the reception class before moving on to the work in Year 1. However, admission may also take place in the following January if the child is felt not to be sufficiently mature or if a further term in pre-school care would be beneficial (this is only for children who are 5 after 31 December of that year). Please contact the school to discuss the appropriate time for your child to start.

How many children can we accept?

Every school has a Pupil Admission Number (PAN), this is the number of children that it can accept into a class. Kings Caple’s PAN is currently 10.

Enrolment/familiarisation sessions for new Reception children

Enrolment sessions are held each Summer term. Notification of these sessions will arrive as a separate letter. There is further information concerning our admission arrangements for Reception children in our Prospectus which is also available on this website. Full details on our Admissions selection and over-subscription criteria can be found on this website under ‘Policies and Statements’. 

During the term preceding full time entry, several half days are offered so your child can spend time in the infant class becoming familiar with the other children and the adults in school. These dates will be sent out during the preceeding half term.  

Admission Policy

The criteria for the admission of children to the school to be applied in the event of over-subscription is in the following order of priority:

  1. Pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Need which names the school and those pupils in receipt of banded funding where the Local Authority, in consultation with the Governors, believes that the school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.
  2. Pupils in the ‘Looked After’ system and children who are adopted, where the approved agencies in consultation with the Governors, agree that the school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.
  3. The school is the one designated for the area in which the child lives.
  4. The presence of older brothers or sisters in the school at the time of admission.
  5. Special medical or social needs of the pupil. Production of a medical certificate or other appropriate information is required.
  6. The location of the home in relation to the school, i.e. children who live nearer to the school will be given priority if the preferences exceed the admission level.

The Early Years Foundation Stage
The Early Years Foundation Stage starts at birth and continues until the end of the Reception year. This ensures a smooth transition from your child’s experiences at home, in pre-school and then as they start school.

We have established close links with the nurseries and pre-schools and meet with them to ensure that each child’s strengths and interests are shared. During the Summer Term we have several visit days where you and your child are invited in to school and spend time meeting staff and getting used to the new environment. We also offer a home visit.
We build on the information from nurseries and pre-schools and from the information that you give us to assess your child’s engagement and involvement across a range of activities. This information is collated in an ‘entry profile’ during the first few weeks of the term.

During a child’s Reception year we are building a picture of how they learn which will be used to plan for learning when they start on the National Curriculum in Year One. We identify the strengths and areas for development for each child. We want to ensure that each child will have a good level of development to take with them on their journey through school.

Settling into School
Prior to starting school we send out a booklet with advice on how to prepare/settle your child into school.

Unless there are exceptional circumstances we ask all reception children to attend school full time from the start of term.

Learning Journey
We will be taking lots of photographs of the children and our photographs make the learning visible ~ we can show how children are learning from first hand experiences. At the end of Reception you will receive your child’s Learning Journey.

We communicate with parents electronically via several electronic platforms, notably text, email and tapestry.

In Year Transfers

We welcome parents considering transferring their child during the school year to contact the school to arrange a visit and tour of the school.

We also encourage children considering an in-year move to attend Kings Caple for a taster session. Prior to any move, parents will receive an admissions pack which needs to be completed prior to the child enrolling at the school. The pack includes forms relating to admissions, health and well being, dietary requirements, permissions and consent forms.