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Class 1

Please cursor over the highlighted dates on the calendar to find out what is happening in Class 1. Please view all our latest Class 1 News below. You can also download an overview of our exciting and varied  CLASS 1 CURRICULUM PLAN HERE  


Mrs Talboys is the teacher of this class. The children have a large classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard, computers, an additional activity area and an outdoor area. They use all of these areas to enjoy a creative curriculum with practical learning activities and the opportunity to find things out for themselves.


The new reception children settle into school life very quickly in Key Stage 1, with older children in the class to model and support while they learn routines. There is a Key Stage 1 Classroom Assistant and occasional other voluntary help which means that the children have a high level of individual attention.

Children’s progress is assessed within the first year using the Foundation Stage Profile. This provides information about the child’s starting points across many areas of the curriculum. At the end of Key Stage 1 (end of Year 2), the class teacher uses ongoing assessment, regular observations and more formal assessments including the SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) to inform the Teacher Assessment scores. The parents are informed of these results and have the opportunity to discuss them at parents’ evening.

Our Early Years children (the children in their reception year) are well catered for. In the mornings they are grouped separately from the older children and encouraged to learn through a programme of structured and child-initiated play activities. There is a role play area, dressing up equipment, outdoor play-house and a variety of larger, outdoor items for their use. A recently established resource area provides a wide range of materials for them to choose for play activities. There is a separate collection of pre-school reading material which the children are encouraged to borrow and take home to share right from their first pre-visit.

In KS1 children from Reception onwards should be sharing books and reading at home as much as possible. All children have a reading book with a diary which is in a reading bag. They may be given their words on flash cards initially and a child can be helped through matching and memory games. Just 10 minutes a day can be beneficial, as can talking to the child about what they have read and asking them questions to help develop their understanding.

All KS1 children have a daily phonics session. The school utilises ‘Floppy Phonics’ and a wide range of reading resources.