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Percy, Pudsey and Projects in Class 1…

Percy, Pudsey and Projects in Class 1…

Class 1 have been writing their story about Percy the Park Keeper, using interesting words to describe the events in the story.  Reception have described Percy and the park he works in, using the sounds they have already learnt.

The class have enjoyed investigating materials and completed an experiment on testing absorbency of different materials to see which they considered the best.  In art the class created new outfits for Pudsey bear and using their creative skills in topic this week, made a model of a sensory garden based on the work at the Eden project.

For anti-bullying week and linked to our Jigsaw theme this term of celebrating difference the class have discussed how we are different and how to show kindness to others.  In maths the class have moved on to investigating shapes; sorting and recognising them in everyday objects.