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School Nursing Service

School Nursing Service

Anxiety levels are likely to be very high right at the moment and we would like to offer reassurance that the school nursing service is available and school referrals are still being accepted.

Children and young people can text the school nursing service on 07813 451 034 remembering to include the name of their school and their own name.  This text service is available for support between 9am and 5pm and will still offer the one to one service.  Confidentiality will be maintained under the current safeguarding criteria, unless the child is at risk of harm.

Alternatively, children and young people can call the office number 01432 363940 between 9am and 5pm or email remembering to include the name of their school and their own name.

The service will ensure that their named school nurse will text them back from their own work number to offer support either by phone or face to face contact if appropriate and safe to do so.