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Outdoor learning.
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A Catch Up With Class 2…

A Catch Up With Class 2…

In English, children have been writing their innovated stories based on the model text ‘The Papaya That Spoke’.  Pupils have been working hard at using extended noun phrases in their writing and different words for ‘said’.  Children have described characters by referring to their feelings and their appearance.

In maths, pupils have been busy counting accurately using their knowledge of times tables and odds and evens.  We will be moving on to interpreting data next and presenting information using different graphs.

In topic, children have been learning about the Inuit tribe and analysing specific tools that they may have, discussing their purpose and functionality. We will study Inuit art next.

In RE, pupils have studied who founded Islam and where this religion originated from.

In French, children have recapped their numbers from 0 – 10 and played some French bingo to help them recall their numbers accurately.  We will move on to new vocabulary connected to ‘at the shops’ next.

In science, pupils have investigated the bone size of a child’s skeleton as compared to an adult’s.