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Class 2 News: Volcano Making!

Class 2 News: Volcano Making!

In maths, year two’s have been busy counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and year three’s have been counting in 10’s, 100’s and 50’s.  We will be moving on to statistics next and interpreting information from a range of graphs.

In English, we have been changing the model text ‘The King of the Fishes’ and innovated the original with substitutions.  The pupils are writing their versions of the story over the next week, before writing their own wishing story.

In topic, we have explored how volcanoes erupt and identified their special features.  We have located their location in the world and discussed what the ‘ring of fire’ is.  We even made an erupting volcano with a mixture of baking powder, vinegar, washing up liquid and water!

In science, class 2 have conducted an experiment investigating whether children get faster as they get older.  We looked at the results and discussed whether this was the same for adults.

Children continue to work hard at their weekly spelling and times table tests.  This has made a significant impact in their learning in class already.