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Kings Caple News Report

Kings Caple News Report

What a fantastic couple of weeks we have had at Kings Caple. Year 6 show rehearsals have started and Year 6 have attended Crucial Crew. Our Australian guest pupils have finished their time with us, leaving lovely gifts for staff and pupils. Governor Sheila Hook popped in for a visit and reported that the children were very well behaved and showed amazing imaginative skills. The PTFA organised a wonderful strawberries and cream event, and the whole school took part in a drama morning run by local drama practitioner, Antonia Cook.

In the run up to the summer holidays, we have many more exciting events taking place. Thank you to parents and carers for all their valuable support of the school.

Mrs. Watkins

School Council report:

Welcome back to Kings Caple News Report! So much has been going on recently and here is ALL of it in one newsletter!

Class 1 News

The children have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in Maths. They have also been learning about Billy the Brave Knight and created their own plot for rescuing the princess. Class 1’s new topic is Castles.

Class 2 News

The children had their assembly on Friday 15th and showcased the work they had done on Transport. Currently, they are doing trains. They learnt about different types of trains, how fast they go and how the trains look like. After this Class 2 assembly, Strawberries & Cream were on sale and they were lovely! You could choose from Double Cream or “Squirty Cream” (A.K.A Whipped Cream). MASSIVE thank you to S&A Produce for donating this, they have also offered to donate iPad-like devices to the school and a visit to their farm.

Class 3 News

There has been plenty going on recently. Starting with the HMFA Rounders tournament at Sutton in which the children were runners-up. We had such a great sports team for a small school beating Scudamore who had ninety children to choose from in Year 6 alone! Speaking of Year 6, OUR Year 6s went to John Kyrle (the catchment school for the area) to have a Taster Day. They really enjoyed it and are going to have an induction day on Thursday 28th. Last week, there was the local Kwik Cricket tournament for which we had only practised once! Despite this, we came 4th in the whole tournament.  In other news in Class 3, children from Australia come to our school for 2½ weeks. They have enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed having them. We are going to miss the children loads. On Tuesday, three Year 6 children participating in the Year 6 show had a rehearsal at Lord Scudamore Academy. On Wednesday, all Year 6 children went to Crucial Crew at Leominster Fire Station to learn about safety, all sorts: fire safety, river safety, stress and worries and the railways. On Thursday, Toni Cook came in and she gave us some fun Drama Activities! Thank you to the PTFA for funding this event. And finally, on Friday, there was yet ANOTHER Year 6 Show rehearsal. For Year 6 Show rehearsals of this week and Crucial Crew, thank you to parents for organising transport.