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Bikeability – Years 5 & 6

Bikeability – Years 5 & 6

Please note that there has been a change in date for the Year 5 & 6 Bikeability event.  Bikeability will now go ahead on Monday 25th June and not Wednesday 27th June.

The training, which takes at least five hours, is carried out by Bikeability-trained Instructors employed by Herefordshire Council, usually during school hours.    Training will start with Level 1 Bikeability (off road) and only when the Instructor is satisfied that a child is safe to cycle on the public highway will children be trained to Level 2 Bikeability.  On-road training is entirely at the instructor’s discretion.

Parents should make sure that children can control their cycles, especially when signalling, before training starts, otherwise training may be refused for safety reasons. Cycles should also be checked for roadworthiness before the course i.e. has two working brakes, is of the correct size and has all its nuts and bolts fully tightened.  Instructors are not allowed (and do not have time), to repair and adjust cycles.

All children taking part in training must wear a properly fitted cycle helmet made to one of the appropriate standards. Children without suitable helmets will not be trained.  Personal accident insurance for cyclists is not provided by the Council and you will need to arrange such cover privately if you so wish.

All cyclists who complete the course satisfactorily will receive a Bikeability badge and certificate.

Please remember for your child’s sake:

  • Cyclists must have a roadworthy bicycle of suitable size with front and rear working brakes, which they can ride confidently before training commences.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times – no motorcycle helmets.
  • Children should wear clothing appropriate for the time of year – warm, waterproof coat and gloves in winter: light clothing in summer. In hot weather, your child should be provided with sunscreen and water.